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At BASH Consulting, we strive to make meaningful contributions for our community by empowering small business to leverage technologies once reserved to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Today's world is dominated by a few tech giants, now valued at $9 trillion, who are constantly changing the landscape for small business. Our goal is to help provide the tools to allow small businesses to thrive in this climate.   Therefore, our Denver-based IT consulting team focuses on  solutions ranging from "Infrastructure As A Service" (IAAS) to  "Software As A Service" (SAAS) for small- to medium-sized businesses looking for ways to ride this tech wave.

We recognize that data is king, so we pride ourselves on providing cost effective, valuable IT architectural solutions to meet your needs. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from the common back office software suite (Excel, Access, Outlook) to scalable enterprise wide applications (ERP's, CRM's, EAM's, EPM's), and draws upon over a decade of experience in Finance/Accounting  Information Systems.  We can architect your systems to provides insightful financial results to help you manage your business.  

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Solutions Architect

Amr started this organization as a way to share and propagate business best practices using modern software technologies in a world of IT disarray. Today's businesses are faced with ever evolving software architectures and solutions that will make or break an organization. With over a decade of experience working with enterprise grade IT systems and navigating through the ocean of technical jargon, Amr hopes to transfer the wisdom, empower the employees, and deliver optimal IT solutions for small businesses to grow.  

Amr resides in Denver, Colorado and holds a BS in Finance from Northern Illinois University and an MS in Information Systems from University of Colorado Denver.

Outside the office, Amr spends his time enjoying all the great things Colorado has to offer such as biking, hiking, camping, climbing, and running. He is an advocate of workers' rights and consumer protections, and strong supporter of small businesses.


Cloud Architecture

The ubiquitous "Cloud" world that we're experiencing has set a new norm for computing but left many businesses unsure about how to transition their operations. While cloud computing is not new, it requires massive data centers that were previously only available to tech giants. These days,  using cloud technologies is the new standard, and resources are available to meet a business's needs without any large capital investments.

We exclusively work with cloud technologies and have expertise in the 3 major providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure) to support your computing needs. In addition, we specialize in configurable eCommerce applications with integrations to accounting systems, such as QuickBooks.

The sky is no limit for cloud services, and we are here to help start-ups and small business looking to extend or incorporate these technologies into their operating model.

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  • Infrastructure planning, design, and implementation
  • Enterprise Software Suite configuration and implementation
  • Software Development and API implementation
  • System and database migrations
  • Database and Data Warehouse design
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

ERP Consulting

(Technical/ Functional)

For larger organizations where those 3 letters "E-R-P" give you the chills, fear no more. We have extensive experience and understanding of these behemoth applications and can assist in the rigorous quest to harmonize the system. Our team has been through many of these journeys, implementing various systems (QAD, Infor, Oracle, etc.), in both technical and functional areas, primarily in the manufacturing industry.



  • QAD Enterprise Edition versions 2014, 2016, 2018
  • Mfg/Pro versions eB2, Eb2.1
  • Infor ERP LN (formally known and Baan IV)
  • Infor CloudSuite Industrial ( Formaly known as SyteLine) versions 8 & 9
  • Hyperion Financial Management Version 11
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Financials version 9.2

Accounting Information Systems

Every organization needs a strong financial backbone that supports both sustainability and feasibility. A well designed/robust accounting system is essential to this goal.  Thanks to Enron, the accounting/finance warriors among us need to build failsafe mechanisms or suffer the wrath of those nosey auditors. Achieving compliance  is not a "one size fits all" solution and depends on the industry and accounting methods. As we further progress toward a global standard, enterprise wide financial systems will be crucial to meet compliance and translate financial information effectively and accurately.

Throughout my career, I have experienced the evolution of  accounting/finance from physical bookkeeping methods to complex Excel models that process datasets at a rate of trillions calculations per second to the modern multi-dimensional data warehouses that use  analytical reporting tools. I know how hard it has been to let go of the Excel models we so proudly built.  Luckily, the flexibility of Excel  to embed new database technologies directly in the spreadsheet is why is has remained the most common "ERP" system  in the business world. We understand the complexities of financial management and the available tools and functionalities now available in Excel. Thus, we aim to advance your organization's capabilities by leveraging and extending  your current Excel models' functionalities.


  • System configurations
  • AP automation solutions
  • Chart of account design, conversion, or migration
  • Financial modeling
  • Standard costing management
  • Banking interfaces


To empower our community and improve organizational effectiveness

We empower the people with tools to advance collective objectives
We educate the people with knowledge and skills to utilize their tools
We engage our people to educate and empower them

"Justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger" - Thrasymachus
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